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Application of UV laser marking machine on glass material

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-02-02

As a synthetic and fragile product, glass is a transparent material. Although it can bring various conveniences to production, it has always been the most desired change in the appearance and decoration, so how can various patterns and characters be better? The appearance of implanted glass products has become the goal pursued by consumers. Since glass has a better absorption rate for ultraviolet lasers, in order to prevent glass from being damaged by external forces, ultraviolet laser marking machines are currently used for engraving.

The core component of the UV laser marking machine is the UV laser, which has its unique advantages in laser processing: UV laser The wavelength of the laser is short, the focus is small, and fine processing can be realized; the chemical bond of the material is directly destroyed when the ultraviolet laser is processed by the laser, which is a 'cold' processing process with a small heat-affected zone. Most materials can effectively absorb ultraviolet light and can process many infrared rays. Materials that cannot be processed by visible light lasers. All-solid-state UV lasers have the advantages of small size, high efficiency, high repetition rate, no gas replacement, no mask, and easy maintenance. The wavelength of the UV laser marking machine is 355nm, and the extremely small wavelength determines that it has high beam quality, small focusing spot, and can realize the ultra-fine marking requirements of glass products. The minimum character can reach 0.2mm.

In recent years, the development of ultraviolet lasers is very rapid, and gradually reveals its inherent advantages. High-repetition-frequency all-solid-state lasers above watt-level power are continuously used in the processing field, and domestic and foreign research institutions and companies are constantly developing towards higher power (tens of watts) and higher repetition frequencies (tens or even hundreds of kHz). In China, a 5W, 50kHz UV 355nm laser and a finished machine with a pulse width of 25ns have been successfully developed. Moreover, the 10W and 30W prototypes have stable performance and are used for scribing of LED sapphire wafers. The scribe depth reaches 200μm, the line width is less than 10μm, the scratches are smooth and uniform, and there is almost no heat affected zone.

UV marking machine technology surpasses traditional processing, making up for the low processing accuracy, difficulty in drawing, damage to workpieces, and environmental pollution With its unique processing advantages, it has become the new favorite of glass product processing. UV laser marking machine can provide clear and lasting lettering on almost any color or type of glass bottle, and is listed by various wine glasses, craft gifts and other industries. Enter the necessary processing tools. When engraving glass with a UV laser marking machine, the marking time will affect the marking effect on the glass surface. Long processing time will result in too deep engraving on the glass surface. If processing time is too short, it will lead to leakage points. Therefore, when debugging It takes patience and many attempts to finally define the numerical parameters with the best effect for processing.

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