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Application range of large character inkjet printer

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-19

Large character inkjet printer is an indispensable part of printing production date. Large character cij printer has passed the fast, consistent and efficient production line to eliminate human error. We can call a large-character cij printer with a size of more than 18mm.

Large character cij printers are widely used in product mobile phone displays, beverage bottle caps, food packaging bags, medicine boxes, plastic steel doors and windows, aluminum alloys, batteries, plastic pipes, steel plates, circuit boards, chips, weaving Bags, eggs, brake pads, mobile phone shells, cartons, motors, transformers, water meter inner plates, gypsum boards, PCB circuit boards, outer packaging, printing materials, metal, plastic, wood, aluminum foil, paper, film, glass and other materials. Large character inkjet printer product parameters.

Edit printing height: 7 dot matrix nozzle: 6.5-12MM, 16 dot matrix nozzle: 6.5-27MM, 32 dot nozzle: 6.5-56MM, 64 dot nozzle 6.5-115mm Printing speed: 0.2 -100-meter printing dot matrix: 5x5, 7x5, 9x5, 9x7,11x8, 12x6, 2x7,14x9,16x10, 16x14, 21x15,25x15, 32x18, 64x36 Printing function: -ASCII visible characters, and 6000 above two National standard Chinese characters (pinyin input method)—turn left and right, upside down characters—positive and reverse character strings—multiple printing (1-8)—real-time clock and date, shift—can be set to automatically repeat printing content—counter And the number of printing increments-the user can freely edit graphics or Chinese characters-bar code, two-dimensional code-dynamic code printing distance: 5-30MM information storage: 20 information files can be stored, each file up to 1300 characters [1 ] Communication interface: RS232 (optional) IP protection: 54 Environmental conditions: temperature 0-45 air humidity 10-90% (non-cold) Ink specifications: water-based ink, ketone-based ink, alcohol-based ink, and other customized according to requirements Special ink ink color: black, white, yellow, blue, red, etc.

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