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Application scope and maintenance matters of metal laser marking machine

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-01-17

The metal laser marking machine uses a laser beam to permanently mark the surface of various materials. The effect of marking is to expose the deep material through the evaporation of the surface material, so as to engrave exquisite patterns, logos and texts. At present, the mainstream laser marking machines mainly include metal laser marking machines, UV laser marking machines, CO2 laser marking machines and YAG laser marking machines.

In addition to marking some metal materials, the metal laser marking machine is also very useful for marking non-metallic materials. Wide range of industries, such as clothing accessories, pharmaceutical packaging, wine packaging, architectural ceramics, beverage packaging, fabric cutting, rubber products, shell nameplates, craft gifts, electronic components, leather and other industries.

According to relevant data, the current occupation of metal laser marking machines reaches more than 60%. How to maintain metal laser marking machines?

1. Before use, it is necessary to check whether the height position of the lifting mechanical guide rail on the worktable is shifted or not.

2. The field lens needs to be cleaned regularly. Before use, you can use a rag with a small amount of alcohol to clean it, and pay attention to wipe it in one direction.

3. To clean the laser in the case, you can use an air gun to blow along the air duct, and at the same time clean the related circuit boards in the case.

4. Check whether the software settings have changed before starting up.

5. Follow the steps to switch the machine on and off.

6. The host computer and keyboard should be kept clean.

7. Check the buttons to see if the indicators are normal.

8. Regularly check the operation of the fan, and correct the abnormal fan.

9. After the machine is turned off, the garbage should be removed in time, especially the metal residue or metal powder after marking, the surrounding sanitation should be cleaned, and the ventilation should be maintained.

The metal laser marking machine can not only improve the marking quality and processing effect of products, but also provide more enterprises with controllable product flow, and protect the intellectual property rights of products. At the same time, it also prevents tampering by copycats or criminals.

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