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Application value of coding machine in food packaging industry

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-05-03
The application and value of the coding machine in the food packaging industry provide us with a good solution. For example, when consumers buy puffed food, the sealing of the packaging bag is not good enough, the packaging content is easy to overflow, and it will be shortened within the validity period. Timeliness, and some seals are too tight, it is very difficult to tear along the dotted line, so it is difficult to control the strength when opening certain food packages. Considering these from the consumer's point of view are trivial things that make people headache, but the coding machine system can select a single film layer in the flexible package for marking. In this way, the perfect easy-to-tear effect of the flexible package is realized, and the integrity of the film can be maintained, so that the outer film is intact, so that we can effectively prevent the appearance of light and moisture in the package.  On the other hand, the aluminum foil layer or other metal-plated film becomes a barrier to other material layers. Therefore, the characteristics of these materials can enable technology to accurately locate and mark the packaging materials. At the same time, the tear line is clearly visible by the human eye, so tearing the package is easy for consumers. Scribing and perforating technology effectively prevents the expansion of small holes and avoids damage to the integrity of the package, and can also have good air permeability and moisture retention effects. We have to be shocked by the amazing technology of the coding machine.
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