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by:Leadtech Coding     2020-04-13
1, file boxes, printers, professional printing: first of all, kunming dedicated file box printer is designed for file box of the latest research and development production, print directly the operation is simple, to organize various departments redundant files. Second, apply to all kinds of common software, dozens of software can be used at the same time, according to different design requirements change directly name letters can appear new file box layout is convenient and simple. Third, the ink was kept for a long time, 70 years do not fade. Suitable for long-term preservation of file boxes, box of ink YouKunMing exclusive first for special archives. Fourth, the ink doesn't rub off, for the file box printer using special ink, convenient and clean up late, don't rub off not under the influence of water soluble, long-term preservation myself clear. 2, stylus printer to print: the first, the layout of trouble, need to pay attention to the degree of concave and convex juncture place, otherwise it will easily cause the breakage, second, stylus printer is contact printing requirement for flatness is very high, and because the stylus laser printing machine is constantly needle into the material, so the printing speed is slow. 3, artificial handwritten: first, inefficient. A person takes a few minutes to complete a file boxes, and handwritten fatigue for a long time, resulting in decreased efficiency; Second, is not standard, not neat. On the one hand, each person's handwriting style is different, the same file box will appear levels not neat, very not beautiful; Hand written content, on the other hand, can't completely with the given position, can appear not neat.
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