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Are thousands of fiber laser marking machines reliable?

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-04-21

Are thousands of marking machines reliable? From traditional silk screen printing to laser marking, the processing industry is rapidly updated and highly competitive. With the continuous improvement of speed and quality, the processing methods also have a lot of iterations , from manual manual to automatic machine, there is no small jump and progress. In order to achieve faster marking efficiency, many processors began to look for a laser marking equipment that can meet the processing needs. However, the price of laser marking machines varies greatly, and they do not know the average market price of marking machines, so they think about it. Can you buy a laser marking machine with a budget of 1,000 yuan?

Are thousands of marking machines reliable?

Laser marking machines are a new type of optical processing equipment with high automation. The price of accessories is not low, and the competitiveness in the market is also not small. There are not only regular and stable well-known brands, but also cheap and cheap assembly machines. Of course, you can find a laser marking machine with a budget of several thousand yuan, but there are no tricks. Small, the purchased laser marking machine also has many shortcomings.

Generally, the laser marking machine below 10,000 yuan basically does not contain a computer or a laser marking machine without tax stamps. The computer equipped by the laser marking equipment manufacturer has been tested and improved, and has high compatibility, which is in line with the performance characteristics of the laser marking machine and can be used for a long time. The home is equipped with its own, and the purchased computer may not necessarily be suitable for it, which is easy to cause errors and failures.

The service quality of a laser marking machine purchased for several thousand dollars may not be satisfactory. Generally, they will not be responsible for after-sales problems. However, the accessories of this relatively cheap laser equipment are old or of low quality, and will fail soon after use. At this time, the seller will not be responsible for maintenance, which creates a vicious circle—— The machine is not good and often needs to be repaired, but the seller refuses to take responsibility for after-sales.

In summary, if you want to buy a laser marking machine for thousands of dollars, it is just three words: unreliable! There must be a reason why a machine is expensive Yes, after all, its own value still depends on the marking quality and processing time.

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