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Articles that must be read when buying a fiber laser marking machine

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-11-17

A must-see article for buying fiber laser marking machine

When it comes to fiber laser marking machine (laser), people think it is very mysterious and deep, of course, it is simple for people who understand However, for those who don’t understand, it’s very mysterious,

But it’s really that simple.

It's as simple as installing a computer.

The fiber laser marking machine consists of the following components:

Laser control and optics: Now the laser control and optics have been combined , Referred to as laser, all the difficulties and costs have been on the laser (almost 70%).

The reason that fiber laser marking machine is easy is because the laser is already available.

Just put it on and it's available.

It is also difficult to say, such as how to control the laser and how to program the optical settings. These are the difficulties.

Although there are thousands of laser equipment companies, they all purchase laser assembly.

Without its own independent core technology, it is purely assembling.

There are also more than ten laser providers: the ones that are widely used in the market are: SPI in the UK, IPG in Germany, RayCus in Wuhan, China, JPT in Shenzhen, China, and Shenzhen Max.

How difficult and complicated the fiber laser marking machine is, you can say boldly, bullshit! Isn't it just buying laser accessories to assemble it!

: The galvanometer of the fiber laser marking machine is also a very critical component. It is like the memory of a computer. A good galvanometer has high working efficiency, stable performance and high precision.

Generally, the naked eye can't see the reason, but it can be seen, which proves that the galvanometer is too inferior.

(The galvanometer is one of the important components that determine the efficiency)

Lens: The lens is also a more important thing, it has a certain impact on the process, it depends on which kind of process to choose which lens , This is also a key.

Fiber laser marking machine cabinet: For some customers, the cabinet may feel very indifferent, as long as it can be used. This is a wrong idea. The appearance of the cabinet is The feeling of comfort is different. The humanized design is different for the convenience of the operator and the degree of fatigue is reduced. The key is that the structural stability of the cabinet is very important. An unstable cabinet will affect the laser engraving effect and interference often occurs. The problem is not a problem phenomenon, and affects the stable use and life of the electronic components inside.

(For example: laser, computer, control card electronic components)

Computer: a well-configured computer is also not negligible for users, and the operating speed of the machine is also somewhat Impact!

Motion control cards: SML, Golden Orange, markingrate, etc. are currently used more frequently. The use of control cards depends on personal habits. The company's general agent:

SML Control card, golden orange control, don't need dongle (anti-lost)!

Wires and electrical appliances: These are inconspicuous things, but also very important. Comparing the quality of the wires will affect the stability and service life of the power supply. (Oxidation), loss.

Reasonable electrical settings are very important to the protection, anti-interference and safety of important components!

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