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Attention to spurt the code machine consumables you really know?

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-06-26
Attention to spurt the code machine consumables you really know? Source: this site author: admin1 date: 2018 - 9 - Browse 27 0

all know that buying spurt the cij printer is needed to buy materials, no consumables spurt the code machine is spray print out to marking effect, it doesn't want to laser marking machine is totally zero consumables mark. May many businesses will find themselves buy consumables than spurt the code machine equipment itself is much higher, the cost of but, easy to spurt the code machine consumables in the ink, cleaning agents, etc are there is a certain security hidden danger, zero pollution is not a safe environmental protection of printing consumables. In use process exists the risk of a lot of what you know you don't know, don't believe us to explore explore:

first of all, from the purchase of ink to spurt the code machine, thinners, solvents and other consumables instructions can be found that the main component is butanone and acetone, the chemistry between the two is quite similar. Butanone belongs to a kind of colorless liquid, its melting point is - 86. 3 ° C, the boiling point of 79. 6 ° C, relative density of 0. 8054. Can soluble in ethanol, ether and other organic solvents. Assumptions can form boiling mixture mixed with water and the boiling point is 73. 4°C。 When boiling steam generated by will be combined with air to form explosive mixture of volume 2. 0% ~ 12. 0% of the explosion limit range, harm is bigger. So the application of the spurt the cij printer consumables must put safety first, and make the corresponding safety measures.

second, spurt the code machine equipment and general equipment used in the factory there is a certain difference, spurt the code machine mainly rely on high voltage electrostatic deflection, and grounding for work must be done, grounding work will not cause the accumulation of static electricity. Because the accumulation of static electricity can cause the division of the ink dot, eventually leading to spray print fonts amorphous, or lattice messy situation. Of course this is just a small problem, if serious can cause fire, once the fire caused the loss of heavy don't have to say merchants in the mind also should be clear?

in the end, is to spurt the code machine consumables, spurt the code machine consumables in the above mentioned is the existence of certain hazardous ingredients. That is to say whether or cleaner is has certain toxic solvents, ink, volatile and corrosive objects, when use the operator must try to avoid direct contact with the skin, especially the eyes, nose, and other important parts. Assuming that really don't care to touch, so long needs a large number of clean water, severe cases need timely medical treatment. And cannot be mixed with water or other components material, the material moisture is more sensitive. use place must be with good ventilation performance, it can ensure air circulation, avoid direct inhalation lung medium by human body.

all in all, we must clear cij printer consumables is has certain harm to human body, also must let the employees know that should be paid attention to when using spurt the code machine consumables and matters related to the corresponding measures, only in this way can reduce unnecessary harm, can decrease the loss of business, etc.
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