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Authenticity Identification Method of IC Chip

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-01-03

With the advent of the electronic information age, there are a dazzling array of electronic products on the market, as well as various electronic components such as IC chips and diodes, which are difficult to distinguish between true and false. Do not pay attention to the area

It is sometimes difficult to see the difference between various materials. Now I will tell you some tips to teach you how to distinguish original chips from scattered new chips.

The main way to distinguish between original and refurbished products is:

1. Check if there are any polished marks on the surface of the chip.

Where the polished chip surface will have fine lines or even the micro marks of the previous printing, some of them are coated with a thin layer on the chip surface. The paint looks a bit shiny and has no plastic texture.

2. Look at the print.

Most of the current chips are printed with small-character cij printers, and the writing is clear, inconspicuous, not blurry, and difficult to erase remove. The refurbished chip either has a 'jaggy' sensation on the edges of the handwriting

corroded by the cleaning agent, or the printing is fuzzy, different in shades, incorrectly positioned, easy to erase, or too conspicuous.

Silk-printing process is now obsolete by major IC manufacturers, but many chip refurbishments still use silk-screening process due to cost reasons. This is also one of the criteria for judgment. The silk-screened characters will be slightly taller

On the surface of the chip, you can feel slight unevenness or astringent feeling when you touch it with your hands.

3. Look at the pins.

Any tin-plated pins that are as bright as 'new' must be refurbished, and most of the pins of genuine ICs should be so-called ' 'Silver powder feetTraces, even if there are (re-packaged) scratches should be neat, in the same direction and golden

The exposed area is smooth and non-oxidized.

4. Look at the production date of the device and the label of the packaging factory.

The label of the original product, including the label of the bottom surface of the chip, should be consistent and the production time should be consistent with the device product, and the characters printed by the cij printer should be clear and uniform , And Remark’s refurbished film

The labeling is chaotic and the production time varies. Although the front label of Remark chips is the same, sometimes the value is unreasonable (such as 'Geely number') or the production date does not match the product. The bottom of the device is coded. If the characters are messy, it also means that the device is Remark.

5. Measure the thickness of the device and look at the edge of the device.

Many original laser-printed polished refurbished sheets (mostly power devices) must be polished deeper to remove the original markings, so the overall device The thickness will be significantly smaller than the normal

size, but it is difficult for people with inexperience to distinguish it without comparison or measurement with a caliper. edge. Since the plastic packager

the part must be 'released' after injection molding, the edge corner of the device is round (R angle), but the size is not large, and it is easy to remove The rounded corners are ground to a right angle, so once the front edge of the device is at a right angle, it can be judged as a polished product.

In addition, another way is to see if the merchant has a large number of original packaging materials, including carton boxes with the same logo inside and outside, and Electrostatic plastic bags, etc., should be used in many ways in actual identification. If there is a problem, the quality of the device can be determined.

The small character cij printer reminds you that if there are some chips that we cannot judge with the naked eye and experience, you can use a writing tool, such as a magnifying glass Or digital

A magnifying glass, so that the subtle differences on the surface of the polished and refurbished chip can be seen at a glance.

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