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Auto parts add colour laser marking machine for the auto industry

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-09-24

laser marking machine is being used more and more to the processing of automobile interior trim or parts used in automobile interiors mainly involves all aspects of the car interior, such as car steering wheel cover, car cushion, car MATS are automotive interior products, etc. The parts is some square pad, engine, auto parts such as screws. Have to reform of automobile industry, auto parts industry is from large to small batch, diversification of production mode transition. And laser can quickly adapt to the characteristics of a variety of materials, a variety of shapes and sizes, is almost a quantity for the reform of the custom's secret weapon. Laser technology has swept through marking, welding, cutting, punching, heat treatment, precision adjustable resistance, precision balance, etc.

for the laser marking machine in the auto parts of individual use is as follows: 1, laser marking machine application in leather cloth on the steering wheel covers, steering wheel cover not only can make the steering wheel from wear and tear, but also can increase the feel and friction, avoid skidding hand perspire, increasing the car running safety and response sensitivity, also can have the effect of vibration to absorb. Steering wheel covers have very strong adornment sex, making the car inside whole appears more fashionable. Using a laser marking machine engraving on the car steering wheel covers, cutting, marking, more delicate, more add aesthetic feeling, also to improve the quality of the products. 2, laser marking machine in the application of car MATS: now there are genuine leather, microfiber leather, artificial leather, nylon, chemical fiber, wool, polyester wool different materials such as car cushion. Car MATS processing without laser equipment, such as hollow out punching, cutting, carving patterns, fabrics, burning flower, etc. Laser machining high precision, fast speed, saves time and effort. 3, laser marking machine application in car floor mat, car floor mat bibulous, vacuuming, decontamination, can effectively prevent the sole cause of residual moisture, stolen goods and sliding between the clutch, the brake and accelerator, avoid safe hidden trouble, reduce the possibility of interior contamination and damage, after all, more convenient and more economical than washing interior cleaning mat. Fleece-faced carpet floor MATS can be laser processing, the use of laser marking machine carved out all sorts of design on suede MATS, let the car MATS are no longer drab. 4, and other applications: the performance of the laser marking technology is extremely bright eye, the application in the field of car seems to use 'pervasive' to describe is also is not too much, both in metal parts and non-metallic parts can realize laser tag, including car label, nameplate, even automobile glass, tires and so on.

auto industry with laser marking machine for processing advantage lies in: 1, permanent: tag will not due to the change of time, the environmental elements such as fading, and marked effect is difficult to imitate and change, have the stronger anti-fake function. 2, non-contact processing, laser marking energy carrier is highly consistent wavelength light beam, beam is in the processed surfaces without any mechanical stress, the mechanical properties of material itself does not have any effect, no chemical pollution and noise pollution. 3, strong adaptability, can carry on the tag for most metal or nonmetal material, also supports a variety of qr code technology and a variety of graphics software generated file formats, can say very universal, even if the product upgrades, can continue to use the laser equipment, do not need to input again. After 4, marked effect extremely fine: focus on minimum spot diameter can reach 0. 01 mm or less. 5, low running cost: laser equipment purchase price may be higher than the traditional marking equipment, but the laser marking speed, small energy consumption, easy automation management, do not need general consumable materials, the use of cost and comprehensive benefits, have absolute advantage.

all in all, in recent years as the country of automobile safety laws and regulations, to the identity of the automobile and parts put forward high request, uniqueness of laser bar code, the qr code is often used in auto parts back, not only meet the requirements of the defective product recall system of the vehicle, but also realized the parts information acquisition and quality tracking, this for auto industry now has a special significance. And laser marking machine, as a kind of advanced identification code assigned equipment also very accord with the development of automobile industry.

warm prompt: laser marking machine not only can seal all kinds of cloth, leather, synthetic materials of the surface of the car seat covers, pillowcases, personalized laser carve patterns or designs on woodwork drill on the metal parts processing, can also according to different models and sizes of cutting, the cutting and carve patterns or designs on woodwork, marking process on the same device, and further improves the machining efficiency, greatly improve the added value of the products.

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