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Auto parts solutions

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-24
Technical difficulties of auto parts coding schemes. Auto parts are the various units that make up the entire car and a product that serves the car. As cars gradually enter everyone's life, competition in the enterprise parts processing market has become increasingly fierce. A car is composed of tens of thousands of parts. There are many kinds of parts and materials of parts. Due to the wide variety of parts and materials, there are many errors and management can not be accurate and timely. Therefore, it is necessary to develop a professional marking scheme for each type of parts. It is easy to manage and can be clear to users at a glance. Take automobile tire marking as an example. Rubber tires are large in size and have poor mobility. Therefore, it is necessary to recommend a hand-held cij printer with strong flexibility and multi-angle marking to complete the marking of rubber tires when formulating a coding scheme. If it is the inner tube of a car, it is mainly marked on the production line. The marking scheme we provide for enterprise inner tube companies is completed by using an online small character cij printer. The advantages of on-line small character cij printers are: high degree of automation, fast coding speed, and can meet the needs of high-speed production lines.
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