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Automatic assembly line laser marking machine for food packaging date glass mask coding

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-02-07

The production of the assembly line laser marking machine solves the problems of low marking efficiency and inaccurate positioning of some laser marking machine models. The assembly line laser marking machine is used in many cosmetics, 3C electronics and other industries for large-scale products. Production marking is an efficient and environmentally friendly marking equipment.

Pipeline laser marking machine models

According to the type of laser, the pipeline laser marking machine can be divided into Fiber pipeline laser marking machine, UV pipeline laser marking machine, CO2 pipeline laser marking machine, etc. Pipeline laser marking machine is also called 'flying laser marking machine'.

According to the power of the laser, it can be divided into 20W, 30W, 50W, 3W, 5W and other pipeline laser marking machines. Generally, fiber pipeline laser marking machines are more commonly used. marking machine and CO2 line laser marking machine.

The line laser marking machines used for different product materials are also different. If you don’t know how to choose, you can consult us. We have professionals to introduce to you, or you can directly send the marked products to us for proofing to see the effect.

The assembly line laser marking machine can realize online automatic Leadtech Coding of products, install an automatic positioning system, fix the position of the marking pattern, and intelligent marking does not require manual intervention and placement , The general assembly line laser marking machine configuration will be more expensive than the desktop or desktop marking machine, the reason is that the assembly line marking generally requires high speed, the laser selected in this way, the galvanometer field mirror requirements are higher, and the cost also increases.

The automatic assembly line laser marking machine has high efficiency and fast marking, which is very suitable for some smaller products and products that are difficult to locate, such as ear marking marking, 3C electronic marking , Cosmetics marking, etc.

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