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by:Leadtech Coding     2021-11-26

There are many brands of inkjet printers, how should a company choose a good inkjet printer? Everyone knows that cij printers can generally be divided into two types, one is inkjet printers, and the other is inkjet printers that do not require ink, that is, laser printers. For inkjet printers, ink has a great influence on the quality of linx inkjet printers. Let's follow the logo engineer to understand the importance of ink to the quality of inkjet printers.

There are two main types of inkjet printers on the market, one is laser inkjet printers, the other is ink inkjet printers, so why are there so many Of companies choose to use inkjet printers? Let's listen to the logo's answer to this question.

In fact, if we want to know why so many companies choose to buy inkjet printers, then we need to understand the characteristics of this inkjet printer:

1. This type of cij printer has an effective printing range, so it can be used as the first choice marking equipment for mass production enterprises.

2. The ink jet printer is a non-contact ink jet printer, which can print on the surface without touching the object, so that it can not damage the overflowing object The surface or the inside.

3. The ink jet printer is suitable for a wide range of materials and industries, almost any material can be printed, and it also has a good printing effect.

4. This type of inkjet printer is easy to edit and modify, and can be marked and modified through the operation panel or the computer.

5. Choose to purchase this inkjet printer with low equipment cost.

Because the ink jet printer has the advantages described by the above engineers, many companies choose to use this ink jet printer. Good ink will make the inkjet printer give full play to its work efficiency, and the printed logo will also bring higher added value to the product. Under normal circumstances, choosing the correct and high-quality ink is a very important thing for cij printer users, and the solutions provided by customers are also an important factor to promote the development of the industry.

The current cij printer coding technology should be able to print on a variety of objects, no matter what material it is, no matter what color it is, no matter what we require Whether the coding technology is simple or very complicated, the current inks can meet our requirements.

There are many types of inkjet printer inks. There are safe edible inks that are directly printed on medicines or foods, and professional inkjet printers, quick-drying inks. Ink, UV anti-counterfeit ink, ink used for coding in beverage and beer industries, etc. Of course, each industry has specific inkjet printers and formulated inks for each industry. We have to choose the correct ink according to the nature of our industry.

So when we use the inkjet printer, we should pay attention to the influence of the choice of ink on the printing quality, and choose a good ink to obtain a high-quality printing effect.

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