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Autumn fleece can do custom? - - - - - -

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-05-29
Although now temperatures could not feel the arrival of autumn. But the end of heat is over, autumn is not far. As the joker sheet is tasted, fleece is the first choice for the autumn, so to speak, just can be very good. For like personality, custom fleece and custom t-shirts, can perfect show our personality and creativity. Still think custom clothing can only go to the factory to pay the plate making fee to custom? The T-shirt printer. T-shirt laser laser marking machine does not need plate making, need not out of the film. Facilitate a printing, printing, without looking for factory to return a tinted, make easily level photo print effect. A small machine, find a corner can be placed in the home, not a placeholder, and convenient operation, even for environmental protection at home can also be customized! So how to customize fleece? 1. Choose who dress style who has a lot of style, round collar fleece, v-neck fleece, hooded fleece, long fleece, and so on. We can according to actual needs to choose a different style at the bottom of the shirt. It is best to choose cotton material, not only comfortable to wear, suitable for the general population, and the printing effect is better. 2. Print position chooses me custom clothing, are generally choose clothes before or after such customization design is both beautiful and easy operation. There are few customers need to custom design on the sleeves, characters and so on to reflect his own personality. How to customize can choose their own, so why not? 3. Custom print option need to print pictures, set the size of the picture in the PS. Then place the pretreatment before good fleece and print platform, start the laser laser marking machine can be customized. Custom life, broaden your horizons. 18 years to wait for you good quality
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