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Autumn wear fleece, so what custom fleece fabrics more warm? - - - - - -

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-04-12
Autumn wind rustling has to, but you don't know of his whereabouts. Change garments according to the weather must have two who dress, not only to keep warm, and stylish, fleece is really fall must-have fashion item? A lot of people when choosing fleece mainly is the design, color, style, etc, few fleece fabric into consideration. In fact, we really need to pay attention to is the warm autumn. So the autumn wear fleece, so what custom fleece fabrics more warm? Small make up to introduce to you. 1. Pure cotton woven cotton fabric made of pure cotton spun yarn, fabric variety, design and color is individual pure cotton fabric, good air permeability, hygroscopicity strong, comfortable to wear, but there is a prominent disadvantages: after washing and wearing easy corrugate, variant. 2. Cotton blended yarn made of cotton and other fiber blended, cross fabric, collectively known as cotton blended, cross fabric, dark brown fleece is made of cotton and other natural fiber combination, including the combination of cotton and all kinds of chemical fiber, its characteristic is to breed of design and color is much, and the advantages of functional fabrics. 3. Tc is chlorofibre collectively and cotton blended fabric, the 65 - Chlorofibre and 33-67 35 cotton blended yarn woven textiles, commonly known as cotton dacron. Uniqueness: both highlighted the flames of chlorofibre verve and has the advantages of cotton fabric, under the condition of dry, wet, elasticity and abrasion resistance are better dimension stability, pumping rate is small, with tall and straight, not easy to fold, easy to wash, fast drying, unique, but not hot iron and boiling water immersion. Textile digital printing printers use water-based ink, printing gradient & amp; More color, more exquisite pictures are no problem. Print colour is gorgeous, and permeability is very good, this is out of reach for screen printing and thermal transfer process! Personality customization clothing not to fall in a day or two to throw, digital printing laser printing machine can customize worth commemorative collection of clothes for you. Is the season of youth, is worthy of retention time. Personality clothing customization to small batch clothing processing mass clothing customized proofing parent-child outfit custom ~ ~ sweethearts outfit ~ buddy ~ brother outfit ~ come and contact & ndash; — 132 6533 5569
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