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Backlit jet. the popular reason have? - - - - - - Spurt the code machine -

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-05-17
Jet printing technology is more and more mature now, perhaps is backlit spurt the code machine before the emergence of many aspects of advantages over some of the traditional printing craft and technology, so in many fields was the welcome of people, because the backlight spurt the code machine itself possesses the advantages and characteristics are very obvious, in particular its popular reasons include the following aspects: a backlight spurt the code machine, high-speed automation because now owned by the technology is advanced, the corresponding is controlled with a computer, so he needs to be for spray printing products need to meet the requirements of the specific of the specifications of the size of the basic can adapt, so can realize automated assembly line production. Therefore, service good backlit spurt the code machine can realize high efficient in this respect to complete the production of products, and identifies the ability is very strong. 2, high precision and low cost is because the backlight cij printer of the whole system is controlled by computer, so compared with the traditional similar equipment, more accurate, basically won't go wrong. At the same time, as long as in the related areas and industries in the full use of this function, so the identity of the costs for related products also will get a big cut, so as to save a lot of cost for the enterprise. Three, optimize production process using advanced technology of backlit to spurt the cij printer or the qr code bar code of spray printing process, because you can through the computer for automatic control and distribution, so as to complete the production line of production arrangements, and in this process will also be able to complete record and tracking, and other functions. Because this process is very comprehensive, so at the time of production for product quality management has very important significance. That is backlit spray laser marking machine popular major reason, in addition to its real-time performance is also very strong. Because backlight spurt the cij printer can identify customer needs all the real-time information, such as combination weighing device instant spray printing product weight and so on, cij printer real-time to spurt the code machine application possible in more industries.
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