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Bags customized tips -

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-04-11
The rise of a minimalist life learn & other Give yourself burden, give life to do subtraction & throughout; Become an indicator of the society. Out of a door need bags? Don't have to! Buy is suitable for the size of the suitcase, said go go, no longer entanglements. Take personalized custom luggage, to own life do subtraction, refused to procrastination! With the development of the luggage industry, now people pay more and more attention to package customization. The UV laser printing machine exclusive your bags can be customized for you. Whether want to print the customized travel version or parent-child version, etc. , or the company group building, welfare gifts, etc. Can be satisfied. Bai Cai a print, strong emboss effect can be satisfied! Speed, printing, design, exquisite and durable environmental protection, color fastness is very high! And pull rod box printer is not restricted by any material, directly print any pattern in the material surface. Adopts whole steel structure, the stress, such as gantry milling process, make the machine more efficient and stable; Matching drop 1 - 48 cm lift platform, want to print a bigger height is no longer a problem! Want to customize your own personalized bags, fashion and practical at an organic whole. Please contact: 400 8316492; 13265335569
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