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Barcode prequel

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-12-11

In recent issues, the editor has been telling you about the composition, maintenance, and application of cij printers. It's really a brain-burning rhythm. Today everyone relax, let's tell a story.

Everyone is familiar with barcodes, take a closer look at the items on hand, you might say that there are no barcodes either or

What's the code, haha, maybe it’s been wiped out, you don’t know how they have no land, but the editor thinks, you have to know it.

, How did they get here?

A barcode is a combination of multiple black bars and blanks with different widths, arranged according to a certain coding rule, to express a group

The graphic identifier of information was born with the development and application of computer and information technology.

That was in the turbulent 1920s, there was an inventor named John Comand, who 'wonderfully' wanted to realize automatic classification of postal documents. Check, that is, mark the envelope with a bar code. The information in the bar code is the address of the recipient, just like today’s postal code. Between 'thinking' and 'getting

How does this genius do it? There are three steps in total:)

The first step: coding . The scheme is relatively simple, that is, one 'bar' represents the number '1

Step 2: Printing. In those days, printing machines were used to achieve this. Now of course, our omnipotent cij printer (preferred) will do it!

The third step: identification. Bar code reading equipment composed of basic components: a scanner (can emit light and receive reflected light); a method to measure the reflected signal bar and

the edge Positioning the coil; and the method of using the measurement result, that is, the decoder.

This is the predecessor of the earliest barcode. Finally, I will give you a popular science. Do you know what the first barcoded product is?

Most people, I don’t tell him, it’s 'Wrigley gum'!

The business covers more than 40 countries on five continents. Satisfy all customer needs of industrial coding, and at the same time is committed to simple operation and to meet the special requirements of customers

, to provide a full range of identification solutions. Its solution is economical and practical, low cost of use, simple maintenance, excellent performance and reliable operation.

The inkjet printer makes your barcode more perfect!

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