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Barcode printer fault repair 1

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-07-29

Generally, there will be failures when printing labels on bar code printers. Novices don’t know how to solve them if they just touch it?

Inkjet printer manufacturers have introduced several methods for reference only:


1. The label cannot be saved after modification, and a warning dialog box appears when you press Save, and the software closes after pressing OK.

The reason is that the user directly makes modifications on the label. The correct operation method is to modify the content according to the correct modification method and double-click the content you want to modify. The dialog box written in the original layout After the modification, it can be restored to normal.

2. The bar code printer does not feed paper normally. It only walks half a sheet and lights up red after printing one sheet. This fault usually appears on the zebra barcode printer. The reason is that the printer parameters are set incorrectly. Just set the relevant parameters. It's okay.

3. Another fault is also for the zebra barcode printer, that is, all the lights flash during printing and the paper cannot be measured. The reason is that the sensor is faulty. Check if the sensor has dust, if there is dust If it doesn’t work, it needs to be cleaned.

4. When printing small labels, the bar code printer cannot be positioned properly, and the printed content position is always upward or downward. The reason is that the label is too small and the sensor can hardly detect the paper. Generally, the height of the label must be at least 10 or more, so that the barcode printer can be positioned well, otherwise the offset setting of the label must be carried out.

5. When printing, the text is clear and the barcode is not clear. The reason is that the content of the barcode is too much and the density is too small. It is necessary to shorten the content of the barcode or increase the density of the barcode

6. Print the label Sometimes, some characters cannot be printed because the print head is dirty or the typesetting is wrong. Clean the print head first to see if this situation will occur again. If there is still a typesetting error, the typesetting needs to be re-typed.

7. The barcode printer always shows no paper or no ribbon when printing. The reason is that the paper is used up or the ribbon is not installed properly. Check if there is paper or if the ribbon is installed properly, and then Set the parameters on the machine, and then use the printing software to print according to the correct layout.

8. When the barcode is printed, the printing is not clear and the ribbon is broken. The reason is that the ribbon shaft of the barcode printer is faulty. Adjust the tension of the printer ribbon shaft.

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