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Barcode printer fault repair 2

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-18

In the previous article, the cij printer manufacturer's technology introduced several types of bar code printers that will cause failures when printing labels, but these are still far from enough. The following cij printer manufacturer's technology introduced us to several failures. The solution is for reference only:

1. The newly created file can be printed normally, but the old file cannot be opened or printed. The reason is that the network is printed and the permission is wrong. When we are printing , Check whether the file has been opened on the network, if it is opened, it must be closed before it can be opened on another computer. Then check whether there is a problem with the network permissions.

2. The content is not completely printed when printing. The reason may be that the printing software and driver version are too low. You can try to install a new version of the software and driver.

3. The software cannot be typeset. The reason is that the software is not installed well or there is a computer problem. You can reinstall the software. If it still doesn’t work, it may be a computer problem.

4. Shortly after the barcode printer is turned on, the three lights are off and cannot print. This is because the printer capacitor is broken and the capacitor needs to be replaced.

5. During the printing process, the size of the printed content is different from the actual content. The reason is that the printer driver is installed incorrectly. Choose the correct barcode printer driver.

6. A black line appears next to it during printing. The reason is that the print head has not been adjusted properly. Adjust the screws on the front of the print head.

7. Paper skipping often occurs when bar code printers are printing. The reason is that the print settings are incorrect. When the paper size and spacing settings are correct, change the BMP print format to PCX format for printing.

The above are some common troubleshooting solutions provided by the cij printer manufacturer's technology, which need to be useful to the majority of novices.

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