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Be cautious when buying wine during the New Year, laser marking is safer

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-11-14

It’s time to celebrate the Chinese New Year again. To give gifts during the Spring Festival, alcohol and tobacco are essential. For cigarettes, there are relatively few types. The packaging, that kind of unique taste, really dazzles people who love to drink.

Today, let’s talk about the role of UV laser marking machine in the wine industry.

  UV laser marking machine is also called glass laser marking machine, which can engrave unique text patterns on the surface of wine bottles, making The wine is even better on the bottle, winning at the starting line.

Whether it is manufacturer logo marking or private pattern customization, the glass laser marking machine can do it for you.

   The era of 'wine fragrance is not afraid of deep alleys' has passed, even the best wine needs to stand out in appearance.

However, the role of the UV laser marking machine is not only that, it can also mark two-dimensional code barcodes on the outer packaging cartons of fine wines.

To escort the safety of wine, through QR code recognition, improve the traceability of wine products, taste the wine and taste not only delicious but also safe. With the glass laser marking machine, it will be guaranteed to a large extent. The legitimate rights and interests of wine manufacturers and the drinking safety of consumers.

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