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Beverage bottles laser marking machine on the bottle cap qr code date analysis of the application

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-10-03

about everyone drinks is not strange, everyone in their daily lives to come into contact with all kinds of beverage products. Such as: coke, Sprite, juice, milk, yogurt, mineral water, herbal tea, beer, etc. , these drinks the packaging of goods are used cans, plastic bottles, carton pack, etc. Sales of drinks is not only reflected in the summer, beverage sales in other seasons also is relatively high, this causes the beverage industry needs to be more efficient in processing production. But don't represent the perfunctory, efficient in high efficiency under the premise of how to let the consumer trust?

when we buy the drinks, these drinks will check the shelf life and production date, so if you want to increase the trust of consumers, we should be consumer attention this information will do a good job. Before we can find many kinds of drinks businesses can choose use label paper posted, or is a form of ink jet printing, but if the businessman now still use this form to mark the production date, consumers may not pay for it. We all know that paper label we can tear the stick-on, ink jet printing is also can use cleaner to wipe away, do you think consumers will rely on your beverage products? No, certainly not. But using a laser marking machine printed production date can increase consumer trust.

drink enough laser marking function in beverage bottles, cans, boxes, a variety of different types of beverage products such as whether the bottle production batch number, date or the qr code information inside the bottle caps, drink laser marking machine can be permanent. Perhaps businessmen worry inside the bottle cap marking not environmental protection, but drinks laser marking machine is a safe, environmental protection of laser marking equipment, it does not require any damaging material. Therefore, beverage bottles, cans and boxes on the print production date, batch number, trademarks, qr code, barcode and so on are permanent, don't rub off, do not fade, not easy to clean, do not wipe, and does not belong to chemicals.

bottles laser marking machine can according to the different requirements of beverage merchants and marking effect on material points as follows: beverages co2 laser marking machine, laser marking machine, optical fiber beverage drinks ultraviolet laser marking machine, Ps: this may be less, after all, the cost is too high) 。 Either type of beverage bottle laser marking machine, they all have one thing in common: between commodity marking can be either a single drink, also can cooperate with mass of marking on the assembly line, equipment stable performance, long life cycle, maintenance free time is long, sustainability work, simple to operate, marking effect and the efficiency is also better, faster than traditional marking. With environmental protection, the laser marking equipment processing line is fine, for the beverage industry in need of barcode, qr code, date, batch number, trademarks, logos, characters, etc. To be able to rise to the occasion.

when we go to the supermarket, convenience store to buy drinks goods, to see the production date, batch number, bar code on the drinks, qr code and other information is to use laser marking, instead of ink jet printing, can increase the credibility of the beverage products, reduce the degree of suspicion for goods quality problem. Actually laser marking machine is able to drink beverage product information such as the regulation code, anti-counterfeiting code marking, it can improve the traceability of products and at the same time also can effectively crack down on fake goods.

all in all, whether the production date, qr code in the beverage industry, regulatory code, warranty, anti-counterfeiting code, brand logo or other identification information, can be given by the laser marking machine code through drink. Doing so is to protect enterprise's brand, and can solve the problem of beverage commodity code assigned.
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