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Beverage factory inkjet printers use laser coding to be more efficient

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-30

The cij industrial inkjet printer is a marking device used in the production industry. The date, pattern, text and other content are printed on the surface of the product, which can beautify the image of the product and increase the popularity of the product. can be used in various industries, especially in the beverage industry. In the beverage packaging, inkjet printers must be used. Which cij printer is used in the beverage factory?

For beverage production, it is better to use laser marking technology in the equipment that can be used in the printing and marking link, that is, using laser cij printers to print beverages. The laser printing machine uses the laser beam to burn the surface of the beverage package at high temperature, and prints the content on it to form the final marking effect. Nowadays, the technology of laser printing is mature, and it can carry out fine printing, marking on the surface of beverage packaging with an extremely fine light beam, cleaning and displaying the printing content perfectly. The use of laser printers in beverage factories saves more consumables, reduces production costs, and greatly improves production efficiency for manufacturers, and prints in large quantities.

The performance of laser jet printing equipment is stable, and the set content can be printed correctly, reducing the error rate. It can print continuously for 24 hours, and the equipment is maintenance-free for more than 20,000 hours. It can be adapted to the production environment of any temperature and environment to ensure the quality of the print. Since there is no need to add inks and solvents for printing, laser printing will not produce polluting chemicals, and will not harm the environment and operators. It is a safe and environmentally friendly standardized coding equipment that can be used in production lines in different industries. . Therefore, it is better to choose laser coding. The beverage factory cij printer uses laser coding to print the logo, which can naturally ensure that the logo is clear and beautiful.

Collectively, the effect of cij printer on industrial society has been to eliminate date printing machine and drastically reduce the time long associated with expiry date printing machine.
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