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Black ink inkjet printers with inkjet technology used in various industries

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-01
Black ink inkjet printer, marking technology is widely used. Everyone knows that there are many types of inkjet printers. According to the ink color, they are divided into black ink cij printers, white ink inkjet printers and yellow ink inkjet printers. The black ink cij printer is the most common inkjet printer, and it is also the most widely used in the product packaging industry. Black ink inkjet printers are different from white ink inkjet printers and yellow ink cij printers. Black ink inkjet printers use dye-based inks with small ink particles. The nozzles of ordinary black ink printers can reach 60μ. According to the coding needs of corporate users, the nozzle of the black ink printer can achieve 40μ, which is what we call the micro-character printer (referred to as the micro-character printer). In special industries, the black ink jet printer can also achieve a printing effect of several millimeters, and the ink jet has high definition and will not be easily rubbed off. The black ink jet printer adopts a non-contact printing method. When the object to be printed and the nozzle of the black ink jet printer produce relative displacement, the black ink jet printer will deviate the ink dots from the original track after receiving the instruction. The content that needs to be printed can be dried instantly when the ink dots are printed on the object. The entire process of coding is fast and convenient. It can fully meet the coding renewal of most industries, such as food industry, pipe industry and many other fields.
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