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Bluetooth headset laser marking machine heat affected area small beam is good

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-01-16

Since its inception, bluetooth earphones have been favored by enthusiasts and drivers, because they use bluetooth wireless data transmission, there is no need to worry about the disconnection of the earphone cable when using them, and they cannot talk or listen to songs. With the increasing popularity of bluetooth earphones The more popular it is, the more production it is produced.

In order to better manage and enhance their corporate brand awareness, Bluetooth headset manufacturers usually mark some product model information or brand LOGO on the surface of the product. For the upgrading of products, the ultraviolet laser marking machine is commonly used in the Leadtech Coding of Bluetooth headsets.

In the past, electronic products mainly used traditional ink and screen printing, etc. Marking method, the logo pattern information marked with this processing method is not clear and delicate, and it is easy to fade and fall off when rubbed and touched for a long time, not only requires a lot of consumables, but also the logo pattern information is easily tampered by criminals, resulting in counterfeit trademarks and brands. Li Dai Tao is stiff, which has brought many problems to manufacturers, and the emergence of UV laser marking machines has solved these problems very well.

UV laser marking machine has stable marking performance, good marking effect, fast speed, long service life, logo marking can be kept in a permanent state, not easy to wear, no consumables, And environmental protection, not only saves labor and time, but also has great advantages in marking effect, so UV laser marking machine is very popular among Bluetooth headset manufacturers.

Features of bluetooth headset laser marking machine:

1. The focusing spot is extremely small, the beam quality is good, and the thermal influence Small area, can realize ultra-fine marking, special material marking;

2. High photoelectric conversion efficiency, laser (narrow pulse width, high peak power, long life);

3. The laser is a cold light source, which will not produce thermal effects and will not cause material burning problems;

4. Domestic advanced accessories, good stability of the whole machine, fast marking speed; 5, 20,000 hours laser-free maintenance, no consumables, low cost of use, energy saving;

UV laser marking machine is widely used in various product packaging, consumer electronics, mobile phone parts, LCD screen engraving, QR code and trademark , ceramics, sapphire wafers, micro-hole drilling, FPC flexible circuit board cutting and biomedical glass marking, and can also be used for surface treatment of materials such as metal wires and polymer films.

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