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Briefly describe the relationship between inkjet printers, QR codes and product traceability systems

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-17

Now, entering the era of the Internet of Things, the development of Internet + QR code technology has rapidly promoted the integration of economic information technology, providing a high level of product safety supervision and management, the collection of big data, especially the establishment of a food safety traceability system . Strong technical support and guarantee. Here, the establishment of the product safety traceability system and the collection of data are inseparable from the collection of data, the entry of product information, and automatic identification. These rely on large information capacity and rapid identification of two-dimensional codes. Therefore, it is particularly important for the cij printer to print and generate QR codes and direct marks on the product or product packaging, especially the uniquely marked barcode or QR code of a single product.

Unique barcode, two-dimensional code or variable two-dimensional code is directly generated and quickly marked on the product or product packaging, which requires high-level identification equipment technology.

At present, the method of direct marking of QR code is mainly to paste the QR code label through the labeling machine, which is printed on the package by the printing factory, printed by the thermal transfer printer, non-contact inkjet printer or Laser printers, etc.

The labeling machine technology is more traditional. You need to use a barcode printer to print the QR code generated by the computer, and then automatically paste it on the product or product packaging through the labeling machine On the other hand, the efficiency is low, the equipment cost is high, and it is easy to fall off during product storage and transportation.

Two-dimensional code printing is only suitable for direct inkjet printing of packaging materials in a printing plant, and the limitations are obvious.

Thermal transfer printer

The thermal transfer printer is currently one of the effective methods for directly printing variable QR codes online, but it is affected by the installation environment conditions, printing The influence of factors such as efficiency is only limited to some industries or the promotion and application of packaging bags and labels.

High resolution cij printer

Non-contact inkjet printer technology shows a strong advantage in direct online printing of variable QR codes, which is the future product traceability and direct marking Important means and methods. Inkjet technology or inkjet equipment, receive a single unique variable barcode or two-dimensional code generated by the system, or receive information characters to be made into a two-dimensional code, convert it into a barcode or two-dimensional code graphic, and print it directly on the product Or on product packaging, qualified products are entered into the system through the inspection and rejection system, and the product data information enters the Internet of Things system, so that the product is transparent in terms of logistics and information.

Therefore, whether it is ink jet printers or laser jet printers, cij printers have ushered in another spring in the Internet + security innovation era. Whoever seizes the opportunity will usher in new development opportunities.

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