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Briefly explain what are the advantages of using a laser printer?

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-09
Compared with cij printers, the price of laser printers may be much higher, but laser printers do not require consumables, so it can not only save users a large amount of consumables when using inkjet printers (the average cost of inkjet printers is per Taiwan directly consumes ink and solvent no less than RMB 25,000 per year), but for a manufacturer or enterprise, there are many advantages of using a laser printing machine. Let’s briefly understand what are the advantages of using a laser printer? 1. When we buy goods, we will see that some clearer signs are generally printed by laser inkjet printers, and if cij printers are used, the effect printed by the machine may be slightly better than that of laser inkjet printers. The effect of the spray printing is a little fuzzy. If the product is a general product, the fuzzy logo may not be a big problem, but if the product is a brand product or a luxury product, the requirements for details are very strict. If laser spraying is used The effect printed by the printer can improve the image of the entire product and also establish the image of the enterprise. 2. For pipe products, previous manufacturers used self-engraving methods when marking their products, or even hammered them, which would greatly affect the service life of the product and the quality effect is very poor. But if you are using a laser printer, you can burn the pipe products in an instant, which effectively guarantees the life and quality of the product. Especially for some very small machine parts, it will be better to use this inkjet printer for inkjet coding. 3. The use of laser coding machine for coding can ensure the permanence of the quality effect. Regardless of the past twenty, fifty or a hundred years, it will never be obliterated by the years. For more information about laser inkjet printer manufacturers, cij printer manufacturers, and imported inkjet printers, please visit our official website:
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