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Buy new clothes like some special? Why don't you do your own custom -

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-05-01
The Chinese New Year is coming soon, everyone will buy a new suit for himself in the New Year, New Year is a new beginning. Custom dress in plain English is actually on an ordinary solid color garment printing customers with design, can be, what you want to print on it is very funny? Make track for a star can be printed idol related, painting can also print your own work, all in all is perfect to show their personality. Some people say, I just want to occasionally home custom clothes, do a sideline, machine is not big, small. Very suitable for textile printing long? New type of small loom only 65. 5 * 81 * 34. 5 cm, if their own strength, a person can move little machine! Super practical! So expensive? Not, a loom and a set of ink consumable cost no more than 2 w. And this machine is not consumable, it is can give you a further profit weapon! As long as you open up the market, a month can easily return to this! Say now to the New Year, you in large commercial rent a small booth, deserve to go up the computer and press, you only have to draw the electricity can use this loom directly! You can customize the various characteristics of clothing, in the New Year can be parent-child outfit, sweethearts outfit, t-shirts, and even the party just provide the original hundred reduction print on the clothes, easily become the most popular business near the man! You say, less business opportunities? Just miss you! New Year custom long fleece is a very good option, winter fleece is thick and warm also with sports leisure feeling, and custom fleece is better in every year holiday relatives, stand out in the reunion, become other people's children.
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