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by:Leadtech Coding     2020-05-16
In the current era of rapid development, enterprise development and expansion and rapidly, more and more companies value their own brand value, under this trend, the role of the spurt the code machine is all the more important, so we buy buying spurt the cij printer pay attention to what? I'm from three points to tell. 1. Spray printing effect is the first assessment factors purchase spurt the code machine's main function is spray printing, if spray printing effect is not clear, the meaning of that we buy the product also was done not have, before buying must first learn about specific spray printing effect and the stability of the jet printing, if spurt the code machine performance is not stable, spray printing is very clear for the first time, but by the 10th began began to blur, the spurt the code machine is not recommended to buy used. 2. Know use cost and operation and maintenance must know the price before buying spurt the code machine and its consumables prices, because there is such a situation, a little spurt the cij printer price is very cheap, but its material is idiosyncratic, consumables are very expensive, that thed loss outweights the gain. And spurt the code machine operation interface is in English, all such operations for many operation colleagues cij printer is difficult, and the maintenance is also very troublesome, to go to the designated store maintenance, a bit not even after. 3. in understanding a lot of expanding function may only can spray print logo, and can't spray printing bar code, so that if did not know this problem, when buy late can't words of spray print it and need to buy a new spurt the cij printer, and then there is the spurt the code machine is only in the us can spray print in the specified material, if this is the advice is not to buy, buy it or want to spray printing on a wide variety of materials as well. This is purchasing matters need to pay attention to spurt the code machine, believe that consumers pay attention to the above items can be selected to spurt the code machine.
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