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By aluminium cans beverage fu code derivation using laser technology play the important

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-10-20

as people living standard unceasing enhancement, the consumer demand for drinks will be earth-shaking changes, before consumers to drink and no brand, the demand on taste, type, etc. , but now in order to be able to meet the needs of consumer diversity, it is not difficult to find that the variety of drinks is becoming more and more wide. But careful customer can find when consumer is buying drinks goods will also pay attention to drink goods production date on label, so canned beverage identifier assigned code without the presence of laser marking machine.

first of all, for beverage maker if there is any need to purchase a laser marking machine for identification of goods marking? According to relevant data show that since 2015 the canned beverage industry overall market share has reached 245 billion, and accounted for 23% of beverage packaging. Experts indicate that predicts 2020, the data will reach more than 278 billion, compared with 15 years of data will add to 2. 4%. Therefore drinks are generally think aluminum cans packaging will occupy a lot of advantages, it also depends on the consumer for cans, cans of coke, such as canned milk drinks the preference of the goods. At the same time aluminum cans packaging beverages in the global lock occupies the proportion is as high as 73%.

secondly, whatever the type of aluminium cans beverage goods cannot leave the logo on the production date, product number, etc, consumers will according to these information to decide whether the product has expired, thus influence consumers' purchase decision. If beverage business in the production of goods not for assigned commodity information code, then consumers for the product will be suspicious and give up purchase, for businesses it is a matter of the dog in the manger. The commodity code is no longer the traditional assigned engraving, printing ink, but using laser technology to direct marking goods.

in the end, at present is mainly used for aluminium cans beverage technology is a continuous ink jet printing technology ( CIJ) , there is a more popular optical fiber laser technology is present. Relative to the CIJ technology of optical fiber is the technology advantage of flexibility, versatility, high resolution and balance has been in the beverage industry. Many drinks chamber of commerce are worried about optical fiber laser marking machine can't competent for beverage of high-speed production, but quietly, in contrast, assuming a soft-drink need carving characters as 60, each sales can reach 42000 cans, then it also assumes that the calculation is based on the 30 ~ 26 letters of the conventional, so will be as high as 90000 cans per hour, through the analysis of the data can be learned that use of optical fiber laser marking machine is completely can be competent in beverage production process of a high speed.

all in all, in what is now the country to the attention of the environmental protection degree, optical fiber technology is a kind of supplement does not require any consumables, also does not involve any waste at the same time, can be repeated use of a product, the effect of country for green environmental protection played a large role. The production of aluminum cans beverage can choose priority laser marking machine for commodity information memory.
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