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Cable headphones logo logo marking without the presence of laser marking technology

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-10-16

in the modern society, everyone has a mobile phone consumers cannot leave the cable or the existence of the headphones. Cable can help us to transmit data at the same time can also help to recharge, consumers will generally USES the original cable to charge. At the same time also has a lot of consumers will choose in some public places small headphones for listening to music, watching video, etc. , the headset, there are also original. There is a difference between different brands of headphones on sound quality, which is why there is difference between different headphones on the market one of the reasons. Consumers how to distinguish between brand headset, data line? The simplest method is through the logo label on the cable, headphones to confirm.

every logo on the mobile phone of brand is not the same, vivo, opop on market, huawei, samsung, apple and other brand mobile phone logo design is not the same, though some cable, headset looks a bit similar in appearance, but in essence is not the same, and these logo logo can be achieved by laser marking technology perfect. With the continuous development of laser marking technology, and is widely used in the sign industry, has received more and more recognition in the industry. The working principle of laser marking machine is using high energy laser beam over the surface of the cable, headset rapid calcination and leave permanent logo tag a process, this process is a kind of zero consumables, non-contact, safety and environmental protection model of marking.

phone makers need to mark your own brand logo on cable, headset information, mainly in order to be able to play the role of propaganda effect, in other words is indirectly promote the brand. Now a lot of companies will be marked with your own brand logo on commodities, this way of indirect clear at a glance can let consumers remember, is able to reveal the brand and to enhance the brand effect. Lettering on the cable and earphone, carved design is to consider the material problem, and the data line, headphones carved by the identity information is relatively small.

most outside cable, headphones are on the market use PVC series of plastic material, interface is hardening plastic, paint is generally fine copper wire, and interface needle is usually gold plated or silver plating, tin plating, etc. Because the melting point of PVC material is low, so in choosing a laser marking machine should choose low power uv laser marking machine, the high power laser code easier to material damage to the goods, burning and wei in accordance with the recommended that you use low power of the uv laser laser laser marking machine.

uv laser marking equipment power one. Can choose between 5 w ~ 10 w, so very suitable for need of fine processing of high standard cable, headphones to use. Uv laser wavelength of 355 nm, flare tiny little effect, thermal, for heat affected little PVC material, can be ignored. This is to ensure the data line, headphones and other products processing without deformation, soft, burn, etc.

above all, to sensitive type of goods, such as cable, headphones, when choosing laser marking equipment will not be able to choose the high power, but need to choose to have universal and can be the fine processing of laser marking machine, uv for cable, headphones logo marking identification information is very appropriate.
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