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Cake printers print - not just in the wafer

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-04-11
21st century is the age of mechanization, with the progress of science and technology, all kinds of mechanized gradually replaced manual, mechanical precision error is small, the cost is low. Thought of cake, cookies, marca dragon, chocolate, sugar etc food can only manual custom? Manual custom time cost, custom cost is high, but the efficiency is low. In fact now cake and other food also can use the printer to complete the design customization. Food printer can print directly on the cake photos, all sorts of design, logo, etc. , it only takes a few minutes, can complete! Cake laser printing machine operation is simple and easy to use. Save the cost of a wafer directly in cake, cookies, marca dragon, chocolate, sugar etc on food use edible ink, guaranteed food to custom print exquisite patterns. has a small cake, can according to their own needs to buy equipment. The latest model of a food printers can even less than 1 mm clear font. Want to be different, custom thoughts, choose food printer. Cake printer printer operation process: the first step, has made good cake according to the coordinates in the laser printing machine platform on the second step, the photo into the computer and the actual printing size 1:1 the third step, the output to print, complete printing
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