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Can a laser marking machine with a cheap online price and a long warranty period work?

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-03-02

Now the network is developing rapidly, and the demand for laser marking machines has also spread from the early industrial laser to civilian use. I often chat with customers and receive customer inquiries. The most common problem is this sentence: 'The laser of a certain manufacturer The marking machine is cheaper than your home, the warranty is 3 years or 5 years, and your home is only guaranteed for 2 years'! Can a laser marking machine with a cheap online price and a long warranty period work? What is 14,500, or even less than 10,000, it's all nonsense. Either the vibrating mirror is not a brand, or the laser is a high imitation, refurbished, low-power laser, etc. The cost is very low, and some manufacturers buy machines for cheap. The customer said that the warranty is three years, five years and so on.

The following is the customer's real feedback: I played it well before I bought it, and I taught Z to type simple when I bought it. He also said that there are no other functions. After so much money, the equipment still leaks and has no static electricity at the beginning. I don't care, he even said it was static electricity when he jumped up when he went to open it in two days. After that, I didn’t dare to open the machine, and discussed the return with the merchant. They also said that it’s no problem if I can’t return the machine, and said who wants to return it after a few days. Is the equipment produced by your company so rubbish? If someone asks for it, I get annoyed. This merchant will only trick you into buying it. After selling it to you, it will be fun. If you ask a question, you will not return for a long time. Sometimes I will not reply for a few days without urging. , It is simply fooling people not to buy this one, they will regret it. Remember not to buy this one. I am the truth of the consumer. ! ! ! ! ! ! !

What we want to declare is:

1. Laser is an enterprise with industrial laser marking machine as its core product, facing different enterprises and different applications Demand, we have corresponding products! 16 years of experience in the laser industry, 10th year of Alibaba Integrity;

2. Laser has always regarded service as the foundation of corporate brand building. Facing the customer's after-sales service requirements, the laser service team will provide service within half an hour. Check and solve by telephone, video, etc. When the cause of the failure is to be found out and on-site service is required, the laser is guaranteed to arrive at the scene within 8 hours (within 8 hours in the region and 24 hours in the province);

3. In Under the environment of product homogeneity, the accessories of all laser products adopt first-line brands at home and abroad. Combined with the mature laser assembly process, our equipment can meet the requirements of customers for 365*24 hours of non-stop operation!

4. In the environment of transparent product prices and transparent profits, after-sales service is an attitude and a cost!

5. If you want to get a good after-sales service, please respect and protect the profit of the supplier!

Laser hereby appeals: Please don't hit the market with pirated, refurbished, low-power cheap equipment, let us work together to ensure that customers buy genuine products and get the proper after-sales service experience! Automatic laser marking machine manufacturer's address: No. 107, Yanyang Road, Chengyang District (East Gate of Agricultural University). Laser tailors your own marking machine for you. Provide customers with laser solutions, non-standard or standard automation equipment, and can produce 3D renderings and automated wiring diagrams. If you need, please call 18663960188 WeChat with the same number.

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