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Can a laser printer be used for eggs?

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-04-25
Coding on eggs has become a passport for eggs to enter the supermarket. Generally, small character inkjet printers are used to print on eggs. Red text or pictures are printed. However, with the sophisticated skills of laser inkjet printers, laser cij printers are produced. Costs and operating costs have decreased, and laser printers are naturally also borne by large, medium, and small businesses. There are laser marking machines in food, beverages, mineral water, pipes, cables, building materials and other occupations. So, can the egg industry use a laser printer?   What are the advantages of using laser printers for egg industry? The laser printer has many advantages such as environmental protection, energy saving, and money saving. Because the laser printer only needs electricity to print eggs, no other consumables such as inks and solvents are needed, so it has no chemical components and naturally does not pollute the eggs. . At the same time, the laser printer only needs electricity, which greatly saves the cost in the coding process. Coding on eggs requires a carbon dioxide laser machine. Common egg laser coding machines include: carbon dioxide metal radio frequency tube cij printer, carbon dioxide glass tube inkjet printer, carbon dioxide glass tube engraving machine. Various coding methods are different and the principles are similar. The general metal tube laser printer has the characteristics of long life, clear carving, detailed lines, and advanced power. It is the most suitable product for egg coding. The principle of the glass tube laser printer is basically similar to that of the metal tube laser printing machine. Only the low-cost glass tube laser is used for the laser, and the lifespan is generally about 2000 hours. Water is used for cooling, and the lifespan is short. The laser carving machine has a particularly low power for carving eggs. Since there is no high-speed camera inside and mechanical cursor movement is used, the printing power is greatly reduced. Generally, the coding output power of eggs is not satisfied.
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