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Can be engraved in the metal laser machine is the price of small metal laser carving machine

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-06-21
How much is a small metal laser carving machine? ” There is no clear laser are in the market. Small metal laser carving machine is also called the portable laser marking machine, namely the miniaturization of optical fiber laser marking machine. Small metal laser carving machine with standard desktop optical fiber laser marking machine configuration. The only difference is that it is small in size, easy to carry. Popular mobile phone in the street before the shell tag is usually a small metal laser carving machine. On the configuration, small laser carving machine and laser marking machine is the same as standard. Buy a machine don't fall for it. Buy a machine depends on its configuration. The main configuration is laser, if the laser is too cheap, the service life of it can produce very big effect. When buying a machine can not only see the price, but to look at the configuration of machine manufacturers and after-sales service, not to say that the higher the laser machine is better, but in many ways to consider the factors. Special metal engraved stainless steel plate steel metal laser carving machine laser carving machine adopts high quality fiber laser light source, integrated industry, high-end equipment, high stability, long service life, etc. This series of equipment can be carved metals and some non-metallic materials, mainly used in depth, lubricity and high fineness requirement category, such as mobile phones, clock, stainless steel mould, IC, key tags, such as professional, bitmap can be in metal, plastic and other pictures on engraved with fine appearance.
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