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Can different brands of inkjet printer solvent be used universally?

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-08-06

In the process of using cij printers, many users will have a question considering the cost of using inkjet printer consumables, that is, can different brands of inkjet printer solvents be used interchangeably? This knowledge will make everyone feel more at ease in the process of using the cij printer, and make sure that you know what to do.

The first step is to understand what is the inkjet printer solvent?

solvent, also known as inkjet printer diluent, inkjet printer diluent, etc., may be called differently by users in various regions. missing part.

The initial viscosity of the inkjet printer ink is fixed. During the continuous ink circulation process, as the evaporation process continues, the viscosity of the inkjet printer ink will become higher and higher, and the function of the inkjet printer solvent is to It is used to dilute the ink and keep the ink viscosity of the inkjet printer within the appropriate range.

Therefore, it is ensured that the key links such as the pressure pump, filter, solenoid valve, and nozzle part work normally. Therefore, if the ink viscosity is too large, it will directly affect the overall operating pressure. The important parts inside the machine are worn out, ranging from shutdown and unusable, and in severe cases, it may cause irreversible losses.

The second step, are different brands of inkjet printer solvents compatible with each other, and can they be used normally in some cases?

The answer is almost no. Most of the inkjet printer equipment provided by inkjet printer equipment suppliers today, taking small character cij printers as an example, require the use of chip-controlled inks and solvents.

The ink cartridges and solvent cartridges, which are mainly needle-pulling and plug-in, are used for identification, statistics, and detection through the chip during use, and prompts users for information such as the model and consumption of inkjet printer consumables.

In addition, there are some old models. The ink system (solvent, ink) is in the form of a box, which requires us to open the solvent bottle cap or ink bottle cap to fill and replenish it. In this case, some Consumables can be used temporarily.

However, inkjet printer brand manufacturers have different formulations of consumables. If consumables with different formulations are mixed, it will cause the ink path of the inkjet printer to be blocked, the filter of the inkjet printer to be blocked, and the nozzle of the inkjet printer to be blocked. It will cause the machine to malfunction and be difficult to use, and it will take a lot of money to repair it.

To sum up, in some cases (emergency), the inkjet printer solvent can be used temporarily, the purpose is to ensure that the machine can work normally in a short time, but for the long-term normal use of the machine, it is recommended that users try to use the original ones. Consumables to ensure the service life of the machine and maximize the utility of the machine. For more knowledge, welcome to call technology, we have professional engineers to answer you at any time.

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