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Can domestic brand inkjet printers replace imported brand inkjet printers?

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-07-28

Under the changing international situation and the chain reaction of the epidemic, the cost of raw material supply, logistics transportation and safety management involved in related industries has increased significantly. A number of imported inkjet printer brand manufacturers have issued price increase notices. Although inkjet printer consumables are only a very small part for manufacturers, the cumulative cost of various aspects is also a cost that cannot be ignored. In order to cope with the huge pressure of the current overall environment, manufacturers will also consider whether domestic brand inkjet printers can replace imported brand inkjet printers? Here, the editor will give you a brief analysis

In terms of quality, the quality of imported inkjet printers is generally higher than that of domestic inkjet printers. After all, the invention of inkjet printers is not in China, which means that foreign technology may be ahead of my country for several years, and the design of imported inkjet printers Generally, they are more user-friendly, so they will consider foreign technology more when producing inkjet printers, which is impossible for domestic brands. Moreover, the manufacturing process of imported inkjet printers is also relatively advanced, and there are no domestic inkjet printers. The protection level considered has long been taken into consideration abroad. Furthermore, imported cij printers are more energy-efficient. The last point is the service life. The service life of imported inkjet printers is basically very long. Under the condition of proper maintenance, it is normal for a machine to use 7-8 years, while the service life of domestic machines is only about 5 years. .

In terms of cost, the price advantage of domestic inkjet printers is obvious. Not only machines, but also the prices of consumables and parts are significantly lower than imported ones. This is also the biggest reason why domestic inkjet printers account for half of the domestic market. Although the machine is good, not all enterprises can use it. Sometimes the small parts are broken and it may take thousands of repairs, which is absolutely unacceptable for most people. Therefore, customers often consider after-sales service when considering domestic inkjet printers. If after-sales service is guaranteed, Chinese people are more willing to support domestic products.

The manufacturing technology of inkjet printers is related to the overall technical strength of the country. By 2021, the country's overall electromechanical technology, automatic control technology, electronic technology, industrial design, software systems, etc. have all improved. The quality has been significantly improved accordingly. As a user, there is not much practical value and significance to pay attention to the core technology. What we should pay more attention to is the service situation after buying the cij printer. The technical level of the inkjet printer manufacturer's maintenance and whether the technical service response time is timely are also an important consideration.

The above are some points that the inkjet printer manufacturer technology has sorted out for you. You can use it as a reference. If you have any other inkjet related questions, please feel free to inquire.

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