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Can fiber laser marking machine mark on plastic?

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-03-31
Can the fiber laser marking machine mark on plastic?

The marks used for identification such as trademarks, barcodes and numbers on plastic products are usually externally processed by printing, sticking labels, hot stamping shrink packaging, etc. It is possible to use fiber laser marking machine to mark on plastic?

The fiber laser marking machine can engrave plastic products, but there are conditions, some can be marked well, such as ABS materials, PC materials, for those that do not meet the conditions, such as transparent plastics, or The higher requirements for the marking effect are achieved by the use of a UV laser marking machine.

The fiber laser marking machine is marked on the plastic, and the color is generally gray-black and light yellow. It can only adjust the depth of its color, but it cannot be printed. other colors.

The use of fiber laser marking machine to print marks on the surface of plastic products is a kind of high processing speed, which can maintain the inherent surface characteristics of plastic products, so that text, numbers or icons and plastic products become a unified whole. New marking technology. The laser marking machine for plastic products uses a laser beam to directly generate marks on the plastic surface, including marks, codes, labels, characters, lines, numbers, and does not require other processing procedures.

Laser markings are generally permanent and cannot be wiped off unless the surface is scraped off. Therefore, marking the production date with a laser marking machine, the anti-counterfeiting mark is still very useful.

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