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Can small character inkjet printers manually inkjet codes?

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-04-29
Can the small character cij printer print codes manually?   For a long time, small character cij printers have been used in conjunction with production lines in a fully automatic, on-line coding method. Whether in the food industry, pipe industry, or beverage industry and pharmaceutical industry with high production line speed, the high speed and stability of the small character inkjet printer has been recognized by the majority of corporate users. However, in practical applications, corporate users have different coding requirements, and the requirements for coding methods of cij printers are also different. Many enterprise users may in actual applications, and sometimes need to manually code the products.   Then, in order to save costs and protect the interests of customers, under normal circumstances, Oulance inkjet printer manufacturers propose to customers to install a hand-held bracket for the small character inkjet printer. The purpose is for the company to use both online and manual methods to assign codes in the actual coding process, so as to truly realize the purpose of one machine with dual use and cost saving. However, we need to pay attention to the installation of handheld brackets. The small character inkjet printer is an online inkjet printer after all. In combination with the handheld bracket, the application is relatively only suitable for a small number of products. If you usually use manual inkjet coding more, We also need our corporate users to use handheld cij printers.
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