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Can the inkjet printer ink still be used after it has expired?

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-07-29

After nearly 3 months of the epidemic, many companies have begun to face a problem in the use of cij printers. Some cij printer inks stored before are at risk of expiration. If the inkjet printer ink we use, the solvent has expired, we will Can it still be used? Can it be added to the inkjet printer? Today, I will share with you the knowledge in this regard.

During the epidemic, it was found that many companies that did not stock cij printer consumables were facing production line shutdown. As a necessary equipment in the production line, inkjet printers play a crucial role and can provide product identification, including but not limited to production. Date, shelf life, origin, batch number, expiry date, company information, LOGO brand symbol, QR code, barcode, etc. For a product to be marketed, it must contain a logo.

And some companies that have more inkjet printer consumables are facing the problem of expiry and expiration of inkjet printer consumables. Here we have to clarify two points, one is that the inkjet printer solvent can be stored more, because the inkjet printer solvent is the most consumed and the fastest consumption rate, the inkjet printer ink can be stored appropriately, especially In some industries, sometimes only one bottle of ink will be consumed for half a year or more, so special attention should be paid to it.

Knowing the shelf life of consumables of different brands and models is very helpful for our daily work. The shelf life of a bottle of solvent is generally 1 year, and the shelf life of a bottle of ink is generally 1 year. According to the number of printers in the factory and the frequency of use, The monthly usage can be estimated, and it will be more scientific and efficient for us to make certain reserves.

In the warehouse, we must have a dry and refreshing environment to store ink, solvents and other consumables of the inkjet printer. We can also place an explosion-proof cabinet on the workshop station to store the commonly used inkjet printer consumables. During the use of the inkjet printer, if If there is an abnormal alarm, it can be added in time to ensure the normal detection of the internal sensor of the equipment, so that the printer will not automatically stop. If the production date and shelf life of our inkjet printer ink are clearly seen and found to be expired products, try not to use them at this time to prevent the ink from deteriorating, which will affect the stability of the inkjet printing effect and cause damage to the inkjet printer.

Expired ink may produce more impurities. During the operation of the pipeline, it will accumulate between the pressure pump and the solenoid valve, which will also cause the nozzle to block. Generally, the nozzle aperture of small character inkjet printers is 60 microns. If the ink is abnormal , After the nozzle is blocked, it is very difficult to clean first, and secondly, if the nozzle is damaged, the economic loss will be huge.

To sum up, cij printer manufacturers remind everyone: whether it is inkjet printer solvent or inkjet printer ink, we should try our best to use it up within a controllable time to avoid the continued use of expired consumables, if there is no way to appear If you have expired consumables, you can deal with them yourself and make a plan to avoid the next occurrence. Of course, there are some special cases, such as the inkjet printer solvent, if it expires, we can use it as a cleaning agent, and we can scrub some products with poor printing effect, and there is no problem in daily use in a cleaning pot.

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