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Can the laser marking machine engrave patterns on ceramics?

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-11-07

The laser marking machine is used in tableware, tea sets, cylinders, altars, basins, pots, plates, plates, bowls, artistic (technical) ceramics such as vases, sculptures, garden ceramics, utensils, and furnishings. Products such as products can be seen everywhere. With the continuous improvement of people’s taste, there is also a major demand for the aesthetics of ceramic products. At this time, the laser marking machine can help you achieve it, so I can clearly answer everyone about the laser marking function in ceramics. Do you want to engrave the pattern? The answer is yes, yes.

The laser marking machine can still be used in industrial ceramics such as tiles, drain pipes, facing tiles, exterior wall tiles, sanitary ware, etc.; chemical (chemical) ceramics such as pipes, towers, pumps, valves, and lining The acid-resistant bricks, ash and other ceramics of the reaction pot are often marked with patterns and characters on the laser marking machine. The effect is very good and the marking speed is fast.

Most ceramics can be engraved by UV laser marking machine. Some glazes are not good for marking, have poor laser absorption and most ceramic products are curved surfaces. The ordinary 2D laser marking machine on the market can be made, but the font or image will be deformed, so we should choose the 3D laser marking machine, which is to install a three-dimensional electric workbench on the basis of the laser marking machine.

Laser marking machines are divided into three categories: fiber laser marking machines, carbon dioxide laser marking machines and ultraviolet laser marking machines. Coincidentally, these three laser marking machines can all engrave ceramics. , Then how to choose? The ceramic material, that is, the finished product, is made of fiber laser marking machine and ultraviolet laser marking machine. The effect of ultraviolet laser marking machine is more serious, but the price of ultraviolet laser marking machine is more serious. Fiber laser marking machine is much more expensive (I want to buy a fiber laser marking machine, how much does it cost), and its efficiency is much higher than that of fiber laser marking machine.

The carbon dioxide laser marking machine is used for engraving of unglazed ceramics, with good effect and high efficiency. The price is also very expensive. There are also white ceramics. After the laser marking machine has engraved, it is recommended to use black or colored paint when reprocessing, so as to improve the overall effect.

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