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Can UV laser marking machine engrave on glass?

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-12-21
Can UV laser marking machine engrave on glass? Hello, everyone, I’m the editor. Today I will introduce to you the UV laser marking machine. The following content is organized by the editor, and the relevant content is for reference. Glass products are becoming more and more popular in life. Even ordinary glass as long as it has exquisite textures will become a kind of artistic decoration. The exquisite textures on the glass come from the technology of ultraviolet laser marking machine.化产品。 Chemical products. The fragility of glass makes the entire process of engraving very demanding. Can many people have UV laser marking machines that can engrave on glass? UV laser marking machine can carry out lettering on glass. Glass is a common fragile product in life. When engraving, the force should not be too large, otherwise the glass will shatter, and the UV laser marking machine will not apply any external force. At the same time, use the 10.6um of the head The special wavelength of is very gentle for the entire glass when engraving. It can be engraved on any type of glass of any color, and the lettering is very clear and long-lasting. The glass will not be broken, and it is safe. Relatively high. The UV laser marking machine uses cold light for marking activities. The smaller diameter of the focused spot makes the entire lettering and marking effect very fine. The glass has a relatively high absorption rate of ultraviolet light, so it is very suitable for glass materials. Activities such as engraving and marking. In addition, the performance of the UV laser marking machine is superior, and it can achieve better quality with a higher level of efficiency. High-quality engraving can be carried out for any glass, and there are almost no restrictions on fonts and graphics. The efficiency is very high, but the effect of the engraved characters is related to factors such as peak power, spot size, and amplitude speed. The UV laser marking machine has a very good lettering effect on the glass, because it does not require chemical treatment, no consumables, and no chemical pollution. It uses high energy to quickly gather on the glass surface and vaporize the glass surface in a short time. Substances, prepared to describe what you want, is a clean and pollution-free technology. In addition, when the UV laser marking machine is engraving, the cost of consumables is zero, which reduces the production cost to a minimum. At the same time, there is no need to manually manage consumables and purchase and other corresponding processes, which greatly saves expenses. Many companies use glass. The preferred equipment for lettering. Can the UV laser marking machine engrave on glass? When engraving, the UV laser marking machine does not require contact between glass and equipment. The technology is superior to other technologies in terms of engraving quality and material consumption, as long as you have a clear understanding of UV With the performance and material of the laser marking machine, it is very easy to engrave on the glass, and the quality is high. If you want to know more about UV laser marking machine industry information, welcome to log on to our official website and we will bring you more practical tips.
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