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Can white ink jet coders and black ink jet coders be compatible?

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-07-19

Recently, a friend bought a black ink jet printer and replaced it with white ink. The nozzles are often blocked. If you are very confused, please call us for consultation. The white ink jet coder and the black ink jet coder look very similar in appearance. In fact, there are still differences inside, and they cannot be universal. The following technology will give you a simple analysis.

1. First of all, from the nature of the ink. Black ink belongs to dye ink, molecular shape, white ink belongs to pigment ink and contains titanium dioxide, so white ink cij printer ink contains fine particles, and the particles are much larger than black ink, so white ink printers try to use cij printers with large nozzles , to prevent nozzle clogging during printing. Black ink jet printers do not have this requirement.

2. Secondly, during the Leadtech Coding operation, since the ink of the white ink jet coder contains particulate matter, the white ink will precipitate after a long time, and it needs to be shaken and mixed evenly before use. The black ink jet printer has one more stirrer, and the white ink jet printer is designed so that the machine will automatically stir the ink every time to prevent the ink from depositing and affecting the normal printing of the machine.

Based on the above two points, I believe that everyone already knows that white ink jet coders and black ink jet coders cannot be used in common. Friends who are interested in learning more can contact the technology. We have experienced engineers to answer your questions.

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