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Cans personality customization options - cans printer

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-04-14
Not only cans, print all cylinders can be 360 degrees, all operations are all an implementation, computer output images, an imaging, more do not need to color, only to the picture, the printer can only according to your thoughts, not two minutes photos can only on the cup, bottles, cans, waiting for the all material is ok. Cans printer essence of 1, A3 wide classic print size 280 * 600 mm, exterior size 870 * 670 * 630 mm, relative to the wine bottle, cup is still a cans a wide not only appropriate, and not occupied area, relative to character customization is not relatively large batch fitting. 2, original epson nozzle, each machine is in good preservation of epson anti-counterfeiting code, the source of the traceability, epson classic five generations to head a single strength are all universal printing industry in the generation of stability, powerful enterprises to ensure flow supply of goods. 3, South Korea famous brand the height of the sensor, the high quality the protection of the sensor is not only the effect of the nozzle at the same time, also guarantee the products of printing effect. 4, whole body high intensity cold plate, key components within the protection of user USES is still considering the harsh conditions at the same time. Even if is the international long distance freight also need not worry the damage to the machine parts. 5, UV system all-in-one is characteristic of the Shanghai office, let all the machine seems particularly flat and agile, also conforms to the need to open a shop gens. Not only beautiful, the work is extremely fast. Cans print effect appreciation cans printer 1, Bai Cai with out the characteristics of the UV printer, comfortable covering original packaging color, white ink coverage. 2, high resolution 5760 dpi, print out the high-definition picture effect, this is still the accuracy of the laser printing machine on the market, 2 small print without flash. 3, classic anaglyph effect on special tall products, print pattern more vivid. 4, import UV ink, nonpoisonous and harmless, can give authoritative test report. Don't plug nozzle, virtually also promoted the using life of nozzle. 5, no need for plate making and tinted, also need not toning, rely on the technology of large, anyone have learn to skilled operation of the printer, which take the seal, simple and quick, also conforms to the fast-paced industry. Above is to bring the cans of personalization solutions, is a major production of universal flat uv printer affordable, high performance/price ratio, and manufacturers selling uv flat-panel color printing machine, we are set production, research and development and sales and after-sale integration of new and high technology company, need a universal printer, uv plate printing machine, uv laser printing machine customers welcome your consultation.
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