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Ceramic laser carving machine is laser marking machine?

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-06-17
Can laser lettering on ceramics, can also be carved designs. In some ways, laser marking machine can be use as the porcelain carving machine. The effect of the laser carving machine, ceramic carved never faded, and laser processing speed, high precision. Ceramics and laser carving machine no consumables, cost-effective. Laser ceramic carving machine on the market have a lot of kinds, how to choose ceramic laser carving machine is quite important. If the ceramic product is curved, so when choosing ceramic laser carving machine, should choose 3 d laser marking machine. Co2 laser marking machine used in ceramic engraving, effect is good, high efficiency. The price is not expensive. Ceramic laser carving machine selection, however, it is best to send the sample, we use different ceramic carving machine proofing, finally decided to choose what kind of ceramic laser carving machine. Laser carving machine ceramic consultation telephone 13580779467.
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