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Characteristics and application fields of four commonly used laser marking machines

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-02-08

With the continuous expansion of the application market of laser marking machine equipment, various laser marking machine manufacturers have emerged like spring bamboo after rain. In the face of uneven prices and quality in the market, customers do not know when choosing a model. overwhelmed. The application of laser marking machines in industrial laser processing has been paid more and more attention. In the face of different product marking requirements on the market, different types of laser marking machine models have been produced. The public groups are collectively referred to as laser marking machines. Part of it is called laser laser engraving machine, laser laser machine, laser engraving machine, laser cutting plotter, laser Leadtech Coding machine, laser typing machine, laser cij printer and so on. The following editor will introduce to you the commonly used laser marking machine models, there are mainly the following four types.

1. Fiber laser marking machine is the most widely used model at present. It uses fiber laser to output laser, and then realizes the marking function through ultra-high-speed scanning galvanometer system. Fiber laser marking has high electro-optical conversion efficiency, adopts air-cooled cooling, compact size, good output beam quality, high reliability, long operating life, energy saving, and can engrave metal materials and some non-metal materials. It is mainly used in fields that require high depth, smoothness and fineness, such as mobile phone stainless steel trim, clocks, molds, IC, mobile phone buttons and other industries. Bitmap marking can be marked on metal, plastic and other surfaces. Exquisite pictures, and the marking speed is 3~12 times that of the traditional first-generation lamp-pumped marking machine and the second-generation semiconductor marking machine.

2. Ultraviolet laser marking machine belongs to cold light or UV laser marking, which is a more promising model. Many products can not be marked by fiber laser marking machine with satisfactory results. UV laser marking machines can generally be marked. The printed text, patterns, etc. will be more fine and clear, mainly used in the main products that enterprises have higher requirements for text and patterns. The commonly used UV lasers on the market are 3W, 5W, 7W, 8W, 10W, 15W.

3. Carbon dioxide CO2 laser marking machine-CO2 It adopts CO2 metal (radio frequency) laser, beam expander focusing optical system and high-speed galvanometer scanner, with stable performance and long life , maintenance-free. The CO2 RF laser is a gas laser with a laser wavelength of 10.64μm, which belongs to the mid-infrared frequency band. The CO2 laser has relatively large power and relatively high electro-optical conversion rate. Carbon dioxide lasers use CO2 gas as the working substance. Mainly used in food, medicine, leather, tobacco, wood products, electronics and other non-metal industries. The effect of marking is more fine and beautiful than that of silk screen and inkjet.

4. Flying laser marking machine: It is a dynamic marking function developed on the basis of the above several laser marking machines. It is mainly used in assembly line operations and can last for 360 days. Unlimited marking on products can also automatically generate serial numbers and batch numbers, which greatly improves the production efficiency of the enterprise and saves a lot of labor.

According to the principle and characteristics of the model:

1, according to the laser: a: CO2 laser marking machine, Semiconductor laser marking machine, YAG laser marking machine, fiber laser marking machine.

2, according to the laser visibility is divided into: ultraviolet laser marking machine (invisible), green laser marking machine (invisible laser), infrared laser marking machine ( Visible laser)

3, according to laser wavelength: 532nm laser marking machine, 808nm laser marking machine, 1064nm laser marking machine, 10.64um laser marking machine, 266nm laser marking machine. One of the most widely used is 1064nm. The above categories of laser marking machines are the more common types of laser marking machines on the market. We focus on Ru0026D, production and sales of laser marking machine series, laser cutting machine series, and laser welding machine series with 17 years of experience. Welcome the glory of the company with a continuous pioneering attitude, and strive to become a respected technical laser equipment manufacturer in the laser industry!

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