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by:Leadtech Coding     2020-04-10
As the saying goes: 36 line, line out of the top. I think cheaply create big benefits is the success of the business, the greatest demand on the market at present is dress custom and gift packaging customization, etc. Want to make some achievements in this block, that is essential to a printer. Today I will introduce a laser printing machine: double location of high-speed loom, one-time print two clothes only need one minute 30 seconds, and the cost of each dress less than 2 yuan, for the friends of start-up, the flow of funds but is little, so the budget will be very low, but at a reasonable price to buy a profit of printer, and use the money. Besides, the quality of the printer and after-sales is very security, so why not? The a must not miss the uv printer & ndash; — 9060, this print height can free control within 48 cm, so whether following from such small objects or large suitcase such objects, can be printed. The device adopts the design of floor type, the whole appearance is sedate atmosphere, is machine both inside and outside is very beautiful, and the price of this device is not high also, so I need friends can call to order! Our website is WWW. byc168。 com!
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