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Choose appropriate assignment code identification scheme is really important for businesses

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-05-16
Choose appropriate assignment code identification scheme for businesses really important source: this website the author: admin1 date: 2018 - 9 - Browse 3 0

said to identify assigned code may be for many people is no stranger to all, especially for some producers more not unfamiliar, from the literal meaning to understand is the logos needed a code assigned to complete the equipment. So-called commodity code that includes the identity information of fu: name of commodity, varieties, production date, shelf-life, qr code, brand, logo, barcode and other main information, the information is to establish one of the most primary factor of the quality of the goods. A qualified logos can do a good supply chain management, enhance the brand publicity and protect consumers' rights and interests, and thus in a scientific and reasonable assignment of identification code scheme is very important.

id for different industries with different identification code solutions, including should choose which type of spurt the cij printer, choose what kind of ink supplies and so on a series of details. Users and suppliers to provide the right logo printing solutions, can satisfy the holistic view, market equilibrium, high standards of the production and supply. Specific performance for the four key factors.

first, the content of the assignment of commodity code, including the introduction of the goods itself, and basic information, production date, shelf life, number, character, design production, qr code, bar and so on the theme of identifiable information

second, fu code commodity material problems: mainly including the surface and the outer packing material goods, such as aluminum cans, plastic bags, paper box, tin box, bamboo and wood, glass, acrylic, and other packaging types.

third, production environment and speed: should be considered when selecting a spurt the cij printer and consumable materials processing environment, at the same time also need to consider the factory to the requirement of commodity production, according to the practical calculation thus learned that should choose to use which kinds of style type of printing equipment.

4, have automation system: the need to implement centralized management of production line, for example, MES and ERP management system, etc.

companies in v is about trade in the assignment of identification code is the four main factors to consider, at the same time also can learn scheme planning to identify the effect of fu code has a certain relationship, we can't blind to choose.
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