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Circuit board manufacturers' choice of inkjet printers

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-12-27
On the circuit board, we often see a variety of identification information, these identification information can play a role in marking, recording, traceability and other functions. There are many devices that can realize the coding of these data, and the inkjet printer is one of them. It is cost-effective and is also one of the marking devices chosen by many manufacturers. With the rapid development of electronic technology, circuit boards are widely used in various fields. Almost all electronic equipment contains corresponding circuit boards. In China, there are many companies that produce circuit boards. Then, how to choose as a circuit board manufacturer Which printer is suitable for your product? First, determine the content that needs to be printed on the product. For example, you need to print barcodes, QR codes or LOGO characters on the circuit board. These functions will affect the selection of some brands, specifications and models. Some companies' cij printers Barcodes or QR codes can only be printed individually, but patterns or LOGOs cannot be printed. Ink cij printers use non-contact methods to print corresponding numbers, letters, QR codes, graphics, LOGO, Chinese characters, etc. on the product, customers After the product is marked with this machine, it has good traceability, which improves the company's quality management and regional management capabilities. In addition, the coding equipment is not a one-time investment, and some consumables will be incurred after purchase, including the use and maintenance of the equipment, especially the use and consumption of inks, solvents and other consumables. According to the working principle of the inkjet printer, after a certain period of use, the ink circuit needs to be thoroughly cleaned and the ink core (filter) system needs to be replaced, which usually includes the main filter, the nozzle front filter, the ink filter, and the solvent filter. Etc., through cleaning and maintenance, the stability of machinery and equipment can reach the best condition. When purchasing cij printers, we not only need to consider short-term application requirements, but also infer long-term use requirements based on the development plan and product plan of the PCB circuit board manufacturer. For example, as the output increases, the degree of automation needs to be improved. It is necessary to communicate with the related equipment on the production line. If the printer does not have a communication serial port or does not support this function, it will cause us to find a supplier separately, which will increase the time and other uncertain factors. cost. If the cij printer itself has relatively complete functions and the supplier’s company is relatively strong, it will not only be equipped with various communication interfaces as standard, but also pave the way for the subsequent automation of supporting and variable information transmission and coding. At the same time, it can be based on customer site conditions. , Carry out some automated intelligent production line transformation, some non-standard processing parts can realize on-site measurement, design, manufacturing, installation and other services, allowing customers to experience a one-stop overall identification service.

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