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Classification of inkjet printer ink

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-01-10

With the inkjet printer, everyone will purchase ink frequently. Then you need to understand the classification of inkjet printer ink and the characteristics of various inkjet printer inks. Now it is available in the market

There are many kinds of inkjet printer inks. The editor is divided into the following categories according to different characteristics:

1. Yes Edible ink: alcoholic edible ink, available in a variety of colors. It is suitable for industries where the inkjet printer is in direct contact with food. Safe ink to ensure food

The quality of the food is reliable and traceable, which helps the family's dietary health.

2. High adhesion ink: suitable for PE, pp and other materials, which can effectively provide high adhesion inkjet printing effect.

3. High-definition ink (pigment ink): high-quality pigment inkjet printer ink can not only make the printing effect clear, but also provide good adhesion. High practicality

High-quality ink is one of the important guarantees for standardizing the use of computer cij printers, so as to avoid the fatal damage caused by compatible inks to the inkjet printer.

4. High temperature resistant ink: This ink is suitable for high-temperature cooking food packaging. This type of packaging is mainly canned packaging and plastic food bag packaging. The high temperature is 120 degrees Celsius,

It will not fade after cooking for 40 minutes. And it meets environmental protection standards.

5. Permeable ink water: use permeable ink water for metal surfaces coated with anti-rust oil and oily plastic surfaces.

6. Anti-alcohol ink: Use anti-alcohol ink, and the printed handwriting of the printed object will not fade when immersed in alcohol. After the alcohol is completely dried, the adhesion is not affected.

7. Anti-counterfeiting invisible ink: this kind of color is colorless, under special light source (such as currency detector lamp)

Visible blue light or red light using this ink can effectively meet the anti-counterfeiting and anti-smuggling requirements of high-end products

Although there are many types of cij printer inks, However, in practical applications, there are still certain rules to follow. Relevant professional knowledge requires more consultation with engineers’ suggestions. During the use of the product

If the packaging is changed, you must contact the printer manufacturer as soon as possible to do a test. Different inks are suitable

The materials used are different to avoid the packaging The replacement of materials affects the coding effect and ultimately affects production.

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